In No Mans Sky, how do you gain and lose Faction Reputation?

In No Mans Sky, how do you gain and lose Faction Reputation? ...

Every single action you make will have a bearing on you. Perhaps you were awake late and missed your initial meeting. Perhaps you canceled a vacation to focus on your career. Or maybe you are a space traveler who is attempting to gain and lose Faction Reputation in No Man's Sky.

How to Gain and Lose Faction Reputation

Factions, or Races, are the sentient species you can find throughout the universe of No Man's Sky. The Korvax, the Gek, the Vy'keen, the Travelers, and the Anomalies are the most common factions. The Korvax, the Gek, and the Vy'keen are the main police force across the stars. The Sentinels, the Travellers, and the Anomalies will never grant or take away any reputation.

There are several methods to increase faction reputation. The most basic is to complete missions given at the faction's Mission Board. (Plaques, Monoliths, Ruins, etc.). You may also increase reputation by killing pirates in faction territories or by rescuing any freighters from them.

If you want to lose reputation or want to know what actions to avoid, there are many other things that will have an impact on your reputation in a particular faction. Failing to fix issues at Waypoints can also damage your reputation (why would you refuse gifts?). Finally, you can acquire a multi-tool from a Vy'keen NPC and lose reputation.

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After all, people are a little sensitive in space. Basically, be a good guy and you will gain reputation. Be the opposite of a good guy, and you will rapidly lose your reputation. Be sure to prioritize your actions in order to become a valued member of the different factions in No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows, and macOS. You may also like to check out or guides on How to Find and Survive Abyssal Horror in No Man's Sky.