More Steam players are now using the Nvidia RTX 4090 as their main GPU

More Steam players are now using the Nvidia RTX 4090 as their main GPU ...

The Nvidia RTX 4090 appears to be wreaking havoc on a few hearts as more Steam users are now using the finest graphics card contender on Valve's results list.

The NVidia RTX 4090 is a solid PC GPU, yet its price makes it virtually inaccessible for most PC gamers. It's certainly better value for money than the RTX 4080, and the cheaper RTX 4070 Ti isn't exactly a midrange winner in terms of price.

The RTX 4090 may be the prettiest Lovelace card on the market, but a recent Steam hardware survey revealed that 0.23 percent of gamers are now using it. The GPU certainly ranks lower than long-standing favorites like the RTX 3050, but the percentage certainly amounts to a lot of players when considering the number of concurrent players registered in January.

As some enthusiasts may have acquired the card over the Christmas period, the RTX 4090 looks to be a viable option. The older Nvidia GTX 1660 is still fairly high at the top, while newer RTX 3000 GPUs appear to still be a popular choice for enthusiasts.

If the recommended PC specifications for the best PC games become more ravenous, we might see a shift towards RTX 4000 cards. Even the RTX 3070 appears to be ineffective for Square Enix's latest RPG, as Forspoken system requirements demand an RTX 4080 for 4K ultra gameplay.

The rest of the RTX 4000 family is still absent from Valve's Steam hardware survey, although we'll revisit the site next month to see if either the RTX 4070 Ti or the RTX 4080 makes the cut. The findings may be a clue that premium enthusiasts are delaying purchasing either the RTX 4060 or the RTX 4070.

Intel's A750 is now cheaper and better than ever thanks to a price reduction and driver upgrade, and it does not snag Nvidia's RTX 3060.