The Crazy Genshin Impact Diona build has better stats than your main DPS

The Crazy Genshin Impact Diona build has better stats than your main DPS ...

This Genshin Impact Diona build has decent stats over your best main DPS. For some reason, one player decided to transform Diona into a dangerous Cryo DPS instead of establishing her in the typical support role she often fills. The build has some of the best artifact rolls you'll ever see in an open-world anime game.

Diona's HP should be as high as possible because of her shield and healing abilities with that stat – but this player had other ideas. In their build, she only has about 15,000 HP, which is relatively low by healer standards. Instead, her damage-dealing abilities are the ones that will leave you in awe.

Their Diona is level 90, of course, and has an 80.7% crit rate and 215.5% crit damage. Those are incredible numbers, even for a character who is supposed to be used as a main DPS. None of my main DPS characters have been able to reach those highs on both of those levels at the same time.

A level 90 R3 Skyward Harp is also used as her weapon alongside a two-piece Blizzard Strayer and two-piece Gladiator's Finale artifact set combo. And you already know that every single artifact has near-perfect crit value numbers.

This player's current level, along with all six constellations, makes this Diona as frightening as they can get, especially if this player already has a real main DPS in the party.

Doro44, a Genshin Impact content creator, was looking at a viewer's account to see the build, and his reaction is exactly what you'd expect from seeing these figures in the video below:

Diona isn't on the current Genshin Impact banners, but you still have about five days left to pull for Alhaitham, Xiao, and Yaoyao before Hu Tao and Yelan appear in the second half of the update.