The dodgy ray-tracing in Witcher 3 is fixed with a new patch 4.01

The dodgy ray-tracing in Witcher 3 is fixed with a new patch 4.01 ...

Since the release of The Witcher 3's new Enhanced Edition, you may have had trouble getting ray-tracing effects to work without causing any damage to your framerate. There are several enhancements to the game's stability and performance, including a new ray-tracing mode that allows better framerates.

The latest Witcher 3 update includes a new 'performance mode' for ray-traced global illumination. This setting, according to developer CD Projekt Red, makes the fancy lighting effect more cost effective in terms of system resources by "prioritizing performance over range and precision."

And reflections may be less crisp, but in exchange you'll get a smoother framerate and less input delay. For players with anything less than the best graphics card on the market, that could mean the difference between using the new ray-traced global illumination and keeping it turned off.

The latest patch addresses a problem with screen space reflections, a sort of ray-tracing lite technique for transferring reflections to a scene. This had previously failed in the PC version of The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition – players could now enable the option in the menu, but it wouldn't do anything. Until now, CD Projekt Red cautions that you may notice a performance drop after applying the patch.

Patch 4.01 addresses some issues with a few quests (such as an invisible obstacle preventing Geralt from getting into a fistfight with the second Vildkaarl in the King's Gambit quest), and improves Orianna's songs in new localized Korean and Simplified Chinese versions.

Specific to PCs

Fixed a bug where the Screen Space Reflections setting was still on on PC despite being turned on. Players who had previously set their SSR setting to high may notice a performance decrease.

A new performance mode for ray-traced global illumination has been added, which can be toggled by players with compatible hardware. It improves frame rate by prioritizing performance over range and precision.

Console specific

Fixed a situation where consoles might save a lot more than their normal limit, causing various difficulties with saving the game or user settings to be reset.

Next-generation consoles with improved Screen Space Reflections. Improved ray-traced global illumination on next-gen consoles to enhance Ray Tracing Mode's performance

Quests and gameplay are now available on all platforms.

Preparations for Battle – Fixed an issue where it might be impossible to communicate with Avallac'h during the objective "Let Avallac'h know everything's ready."

Family Matters – A bug fixed that might cause the game to crash during the transition to Ciri's Story: Out of the Shadows when speaking to the Bloody Baron

King's Gambit – Fixed an issue that might make it impossible to participate in the fistfight with the second Vildkaarl due to an invisible obstacle.

Belgaard – We fixed a retrofix for the issue we fixed in 4..00, where the quest couldn't be completed if the player destroyed one of the required monster nests during exploration.

When the Alternate Nilfgaardian Armor is turned on, the armor in Caesar's room should now change its appearance.

Axii Puppet – Improved the puppet's health and damage. The Adrenaline Rush mutation should now work according to its description. Various minor improvements to quests and cutscenes.

Localization is now available on all platforms.

Orianna's song "Lullaby of Woe" has been locally translated as well as in Korean and simplified Chinese.

Priscilla's lip-sync animation has been changed to match her voice-over in simplified Chinese during the song "The Wolven Storm."

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