The Day Before is a sluggish mix of Fortnite, The Division, and zombies

The Day Before is a sluggish mix of Fortnite, The Division, and zombies ...

The Day Before gameplay trailer has finally arrived, giving us a ten-minute long look at how the survival game will play out. To be honest, it hasn't really sparked much interest.

Potential players have finally had a look at how the zombie MMORPG will play out following a bizarre trademarking issue and subsequent delays to the Day Before release date. It's safe to say it's not quite what was anticipated.

The trailer shows ten minutes of... walking around. Yes, seriously. There's very little combat, and when there is, it's rather bleak. Blood spitting from enemies, and your character doesn't even drop her mag when she reloads.

As you go through what appears to be the remnants of a low-poly New York, you come across a number of shops whose names are cheap substitutes for actual shops. BVS instead of CVS, FCC instead of KFC – lawsuit inbound? I believe there might be.

This is all topped off with five second skill checks to open and interact with items, making the whole thing feel like a stop-and-start – and this is from someone who wanted to be impressed. Despite some within the community claiming that it's a scam, this game has taken the wind out of my sails.

I expected constant action, raids that are stuffed with undead foes, and, most importantly, characters that don't follow Fortnite's vague cartoon style; look at the game's key art! Given the developers still have some time, I hope Fntastic takes the criticism seriously – but we'll have to wait and see.

Check out our handy breakdown of The Day Before system requirements if you're planning to bloody your baseball bat in the meantime. I know I have to.