A primary weapon balancing update for Destiny 2 may be released

A primary weapon balancing update for Destiny 2 may be released ...

According to a Bungie developer who works on the FPS game Destiny 2, a primary weapon balancing update may be implemented sometime after the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date. Mercules disclosed the update during a recent episode of the Firing Range streamcast, which covers Destiny 2.

"We're actually looking into primary weapon balance in PvE," says the developer. "We've obviously heard a lot of complaints that precision weapons in PvE in particular don't feel great right now in high-end content."

"We didn't want to make too much of a difference before Lightfall arrives and shakes everything up," Mercules continues, "because we'd end up having to redo it again."

In the Twitch video, Mercules' comments begin at 11:50 and are the first shared by Reddit user packman627.

The development studio's This Week at Bungie blog series suggested that mid-season weapon balancing updates would become a regular feature of the game's future. Therefore, players who are concerned about the state of primary weapons in PvE can be optimistic that Bungie will look into such weapons in the overall meta and make any necessary adjustments during Destiny 2 season 20.

As Lightfall approaches, players may look forward to a better grasp at primary weapon balancing. The new Destiny 2 Strand subclass will be introduced, too, in Destiny 2 season 19. However, there are still a few weeks left in Destiny 2 season 19, so get gearing up. Your best Destiny 2 Warlock builds, best Titan builds, or best Hunter builds should be ready for the multiplayer PC game.