What's the difference between Minecraft Java and Bedrock?

What's the difference between Minecraft Java and Bedrock? ...

Even if a game is released on several platforms, they often are more or less the same game. There are distinct differences when it comes to Minecraft's Java and Bedrock Editions, raising concerns about which one is better. In all honesty, it all depends on your situation.

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What is the difference between Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition?

The main difference between Minecraft's Java and Bedrock Editions is how they were constructed. This version, built on Java, is more susceptible to security threats and is not naturally designed for 3D gaming. However, there are a few changes and functions in Java.

Bedrock does not support mods because of the way it is created. This version of the game was originally developed for Pocket Edition, the previous mobile version of the game. It is also more secure and runs better on consoles, which is why you will never see Java on the console.

Should I use Java or Bedrock Edition in Minecraft?

The choice is simple for console or mobile players since you have no choice. Bedrock is the only currently supported version available on these platforms. PC gamers have a choice and some consideration.

In the Minecraft Launcher, both Java and Bedrock Editions are available. If you have friends on other platforms, we recommend playing Bedrock so you can unlock Xbox achievements. Also, if you have a lower-end PC and are interested in starting a Realm server, Java might be the better choice.

Both Minecraft games are similar enough in the ways that matter to make them both excellent choices. Just make sure you choose the appropriate one for your situation.