Tower of Fantasy's Miasmic Swamp Scenic Point Locations

Tower of Fantasy's Miasmic Swamp Scenic Point Locations ...

The Miasmic Swamp is packed with hidden secrets for you to discover in Tower of Fantasy. This area of Vera is quite dangerous, but surviving the thick marsh will reward you with tons of rewards. Discovering these areas will further your exploration of the area.

Outpost ten

The first of the Scenic Points is situated near Outpost 10 in the western part of the area just before the swamplands. This area is to the north of the Silvercoast Lab. It's quite simple to locate the Scenic Point here. Take the bridge from the outpost and jump down the cliff. It'll show you the Scenic Point.

Vine Ladder

The second Scenic Point is located near Base Station 2. This area is part of the Miasmic Swamp story. From Base Station 2, go northeast and look at the cliffs. The climb can be quite harrowing if you end up dropping too far down. Be careful.

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The Giant Red Tree

The Giant Red Tree is a three-story Scenic Point located south of Base Station 3. From the Spacerift, turn south and you will find the Scenic Point on one of many cliffs surrounding the tree. The Scenic Point itself is easy to spot because of its proximity to the Scenic Point.

Ruins of a Research Station

Head east to find the Research Station Ruins. This area can also be found to the south of the Ecological Research Station. This Scenic Point is on one of the many cliffs that overlooks the research station and the nearby bones.

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Forest Path

As you progress through the story of the Miasmic Swamp, the last Scenic Point in the area is located to the west of Base Station 3. This area can be seen on the top of a vine near the Base Station.