Tower of Fantasy's How to Solve Color Mushroom Puzzles

Tower of Fantasy's How to Solve Color Mushroom Puzzles ...

The Miasmic Swamp in Tower of Fantasy is filled with bizarre sights, dangerous creatures, and poisonous gas. Fortunately, not everything is dangerous. Some things in the swamp can be quite magical. An example of this is the Color Mushrooms that you can find throughout the area.

In Tower of Fantasy, how do Color Mushroom puzzles work?

Color Mushrooms are just one of the many puzzles that you can find throughout Tower of Fantasy. Glowshrooms were previously found in the Aesperia area. You need to jump on them to activate them.

The mushrooms will usually be in groups of three or four and can be in a wide array of colors. It's simple to grab one mushroom and match the colors. Locate the mushroom that stands out from the others.

Tower of Fantasy has all Miasmic Swamp Scenic Point locations.

To complete the puzzle, you must match up the glowing color of the other mushrooms to the outlier. For example, jump on the red mushrooms to make both of them glow green. You will receive a Black Nucleus when you enter the swamp.