How to Clear Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss Tips and Tricks in Genshin Impact Version 3.4

How to Clear Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss Tips and Tricks in Genshin Impact Version 3.4 ...

The most challenging endgame content in Genshin Impact is found on floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss. Defeat these enemies as quickly as you can to earn the most rewards possible.

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How to Clear Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact

Each Spiral Abyss update gives you a unique buff to aid you out in your battles. This update is the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon: Thorn-Twisted Moon. This buff has the following effect:

For opponents who are under the Quickened state, the Dendro RES and Electro RES will be decreased by 30%. This effect will be removed 2s after the Quickened state ends.

Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss has an additional Leyline Disorder that buffs your teams. This effect applies to Floor 11: "All characters in the party gain a 75% Dendro DMG bonus."

Genshin Impact is one of the best characters for Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss.

Your teams that deal Dendro DMG will benefit from the Leyline Disorder combined with the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon. With the release of Alhaitham and Nahida, this will make a great trip for anyone who will have the chance to pull the older Dendro units.

  • Alhaitham / Nahida / Fischl / Kuki Shinobu: This team deals an immense amount of Dendro DMG and is able to comfortably apply the Quicken aura that will trigger the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon. Fischl (alternatively, Beidou or Yae Miko) will deal heavy off-field Electro DMG, while Kuki Shinobu will keep your team healthy.
  • Alhaitham / Nahida / Kuki Shinobu / Xingqiu or Yelan is another good choice. Alhaitham and Kuki Shinobu will continue to procure the Quicken aura, while Xingqiu or Yelan will also trigger Hyperbloom.
  • Dendro Traveler / Collei / Xingqiu / Fischl is a free-to-play friendly alternative to the above teams. This team has the same concept as the above two teams, but with characters that can be reasonably obtained by free players.
  • Ganyu / Mona / Venti / Diona is a solid Freeze team that will be useful for the first half of this floor. A majority of these enemies in the first half are susceptible to crowd-control.

Chamber 1 on Floor 11

In the first half, you will have to defeat a large number of different Eremite enemies, including Enchanters, Crossbows, and Linebreakers. All of these enemies are susceptible to crowd control, so use characters like Kazuha or Sucrose to help keep the enemies together and reduce AoE damage.

The second half will require you to defeat two waves of opponents. Three Mitachurls will be born, all of which are fairly small and low HP. They'll spawn near the monolith, making it fairly straightforward to deal with them at once.

Chamber 2 on the 11th floor

In the first half, you will have to face two waves of enemies. Four enemies per wave, consisting of four Bathysmal Vishap Hatchlings and Shrooms, are very susceptible to crowd control, therefore using characters like Kazuha or Venti is highly recommended.

A Consecrated Flying Serpent will be required for the second half of the Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents. You can bring a Cryo character for this floor, but you should be able to wipe out the Hydro shield fairly quickly with a Dendro character. The Consecrated Flying Serpent has innate resistance to the Freeze reaction.

Chamber 3 on Floor 11

The first half will consist of numerous Slimes, Pyro, Hydro, and Electro slimes. These are all enemies that will eat Dendro characters easily, and again, are weak to crowd-control.

The Electro Regisivine is introduced in the second half. Be sure to use a Dendro character to ensure the core goes down fairly quickly. Fortunately, the Electro Regisvine should go down relatively quickly after being knocked out. Follow this guide for a more detailed look at how to defeat the Electro Regisvine.

After defeating this floor, you may now enter the Spiral Abyss' 12th floor.