In Fortnite, how do I toggle my aim assist?

In Fortnite, how do I toggle my aim assist? ...

Fortnite is a game that involves exploring, cooperating, building forts, and expressing your virtual identity through micro-transactions. But at its core, Fortnite is a game that involves shooting other players, usually with guns, but sometimes with bows. This is where aim assist can come in handy.

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In Fortnite, where can I find and modify Aim Assist Strength settings?

In Fortnite, you need to enable aim assist in the game's settings menu. First open the sidebar, select the icon that looks like a menu overlapping a cog, and then click Settings from the menu. Go to the Sensitivity tab, set Aim Assist Strength to 100%. If it is already at 100%, you can't make it any stronger.

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In Fortnite, why has Epic Games changed or weakened Aim Assist?

Epic Games has reduced its ability to aim at nearby enemies in some situations, mainly when using automatic weapons in close quarters. Aim assist is still being improved in Fortnite; it's just being tweaked to improve things.