The Muppets' makers are employed in Blumhouse's FNAF film

The Muppets' makers are employed in Blumhouse's FNAF film ...

Blumhouse has finally provided some clarity on the much-anticipated FNAF film after a slew of speculation, controversy, and false starts. The creator of the well-known horror studio took to Twitter to announce that Jim Henson's Creature Shop will create the animatronics.

The hands that make the muppets will be the same ones that create the frightening Freddy Fazbear for his FNAF film debut. Fans were beginning to lose interest in the news, especially with the studio founder putting a February 2023 date for filming.

Jason Blum also revealed the director for the project, Emma Tammi. Tammi's previous roles in the horror anthology series Into the Dark make her a natural fit for the project.

The Last of Us will launch on HBO Max during the next twelve months, so when FNAF arrives, it may well have some competition. I understand how Freddy Fazbear deals with competition, and it isn't pretty.

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