The Wolverine buff in Marvel has sharpened Logans claws

The Wolverine buff in Marvel has sharpened Logans claws ...

The latest update allows the invincible icon to revisit a previous location on destruction and to create some serious havoc in destruction decks.

Wolverine was a neglected resource until recently, only being included in destruction decks to increase the number of players. Logan is now one of the first cards to include in any deck that revolves around you taking out your own heroes, bringing some serious synergy alongside cards like Venom, Knull, and Carnage.

The only other change in the recent patch was a revamp for Leader, much to the community's delight. Until now, Leader has broken hearts with end-game plays that copied your cards to your opponent's side of the field, with only those with super massive brain Snap abilities able to maneuver around the alien overlord.

The Marvel Snap battle mode allows you to test out Wolverine for yourself in a test deck against some friends or Discord guinea pigs. Thanks to the amazing X-Man being included in the pool one cards collection, even new players don't have to wait forever to get their hands on Logan, unlike some of the other meta threats in the game.

You've now got a handle on Marvel Snap's Wolverine perks. For more information on our Marvel Snap decks guide and Marvel Snap tier list, click here.