Later this year, Among Us will feature a slew of improvements and content

Later this year, Among Us will feature a slew of improvements and content ...

Innersloth, the developer of the year-old Among Us, became a smash hit during the COVID-19 epidemic. The social deduction game has only grown since, with player participation making it an extension of its meme roots. Now, Innersloth is planning how they will continue to improve the game in 2023.

Innersloth's website has given a brief summary of the most recent feature improvements, including the Hide N Seek mode and the Friends List. The next thing that's planned for the game's development is some improvements to the user interface, which will likely provide more accessible tasks and menus.

The game intends to extend the following features, although in no particular order:

  • A fifth map: Complete with new tasks, cosmetics, and “fun surprises hidden around.”
  • A rework to Quickchat: There’s plans to refine the dialogue menu and make it easier to navigate.
  • Improved matchmaking: Options that will help you find the games in the modes you’re looking for.
  • Collaborations: Work with other studios to get a representation of their content in the game.
  • More: The blog post goes to great lengths to say this will only be possible with extra time, but they would be interested in making more roles.

Innersloth does not intend to halt the development of Among Us anytime soon, with the developer stating that the most important thing right now is to make the gameplay easier through UI improvements. The collaborations are apparently already planned, with the blog post stating that more will be coming soon.

The recently released Among Us VR has seemed to entice fans to continue to watch the classic social deduction game. It even featured actors like Daniel Craig and Angela Lansbury in the most recent hit film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Among Us has developed into a cultural phenomenon and will continue to receive development support as long as fans continue to enjoy it.