The latest Apex Legends teaser teases a carnival-themed anniversary event

The latest Apex Legends teaser teases a carnival-themed anniversary event ...

The ALGS Split One Playoffs finished its second day of competition this morning, featuring the best international teams fighting to be the first LAN champion in 2023, as well as the latest information on Apex Legends' future. Respawn Entertainment has historically teased new content during its international LAN events, and this year is no exception.

After the group stage of the Split One Playoffs concluded, the official PlayApex Twitter account posted the teaser, hinting at Apex Legends' four-year anniversary celebration event.

The teaser image depicts a possible new themed skin line, based on the opening day of a carnival, with images of Octane as a jester, Gibraltar as a strongman, and Pathfinder as an acrobat. The poster also mentions World's Edge as the featured map for Season 16.

Respawn has celebrated each anniversary with new and returning content, including the first re-run of previous limited time collection items in the second anniversary, and the introduction of Prestige Skins in year three, a unique line of skins and finishers that evolve with lifetime damage on the legend. The announcement of World's Edge as Season 16's map fits in with recent speculation of Mirage Voyage's return to Apex, with its first appearance as the "Party Crasher" Arenas map in Season 9.

The class system overhaul that will be included in the next season is the new addition, with each legend receiving new passives and abilities based on their role within the team, such as the revamped assault category, which can now hold additional ammo per inventory slot and open exclusive red boxes that contain weapon attachments, similar to Lifeline's passive. Season 16, Revelry, will include map changes, character enhancements, and a new battle pass.