CrossfireX, an Xbox-exclusive shooter, will be permanently shut down in May

CrossfireX, an Xbox-exclusive shooter, will be permanently shut down in May ...

The live-service game industry has had a rough week, with a number of developers releasing announcements that their services and titles will be shutting down on May 18. The most recent example of this is an Xbox-exclusive shooter called CrossfireX. Players still have time to get in and enjoy the game before its servers will go offline on May 18.

The game has continued to be "amazingly active, passionate, and enthusiastic," according to a blog entry on the CrossfireX blog. Anyone who purchased anything from the game in the two weeks prior to February 3 may request a refund by calling the Xbox billing department. There will certainly be no content added until the servers are restored in the middle of May.

After the game is finished, players will have access to the single-player campaigns from CrossfireX. However, no new purchases of either campaign will be made today due to the developer taking those services offline. The in-game shop will remain open, but only for players to spend currency that was previously in their accounts prior to the announcement today.

The developer discusses why the game was abandoned in a FAQ linked in the blog post. The reason the game was terminated was because the game was ultimately not where it should be. We have made the difficult decision to close the game." After the game's servers are shut, all social media channels and the game's Discord will be silent.

Knockout City, Apex Legends Mobile, and Rumbleverse have all announced their immediate or impending closures, but the market is clearly showing that not all of them are appropriate.