Do we know how many seasons of Outer Banks there will be?

Do we know how many seasons of Outer Banks there will be? ...

Outer Banks' third season has recently been announced on Netflix, and people are excited. The upcoming season will continue from season two, while also exploring the implications of the shocking revelation. Season three was renewed again in 2021, indicating that this was a year in the making.

Fans should not be concerned about the Outer Banks series being prematurely canceled. However, Netflix has been making some bold — and frankly puzzling — decisions recently, cutting the axe on even the best half of its shows. It's no wonder that adventure aficionados are unsure how many seasons the series will have.

There is no word yet about how long Outer Banks will last. Unless season three wraps up the story, which is highly unlikely given how much time remains to be divided, we expect the series to last for at least another season, and possibly even longer.

“We always saw it as something that was probably a four-season, maybe five-season program, but definitely four seasons,” showrunner Jonas Pate told Entertainment Weekly. “I'm just hoping that we get a chance to actually tell those stories.” In Netflix's hands, no show is safe.

Starting February 23, Outer Banks will be available for streaming exclusively on Netflix.