strong>Who plays JJ in the Outer Banks?/strong>

strong>Who plays JJ in the Outer Banks?/strong> ...

Everyone is aware of the surge of anticipation over the Outer Banks season three trailer. The wait is over for the show's loyal fans, and the upcoming season will premiere on February 23. There's been more desire to catch up on the new episodes since the last season ended on a fantastic note.

After they escaped from the "Camerons," the Pogues ended up on a deserted land called "Poguelandia." Then came Cleo's acceptance as the newest Pogue member, and the shocking revelation that John B's father is still alive.

The cast and crew of "Pogues" have established their reputation as fan favorites ever since its release in 2020. This includes the lead male character John B (Chase Stokes), who is the leader of the working-class groups.

John B is a member of the Pogues, but he isn't the group's heart and soul. That title belongs to his best friend, J.J. Maybank, who is a 24-year-old Alaskan actor who plays Pankow. Despite sharing a shorter screen time than his co-star, fans have expressed their desire to know more about Pankow.

Rudy Pankow: Who is he?

Pankow was raised in Ketchikan, Alaska, and mentioned that his birthplace is similar to North Carolina, where the fictional town of Outer Banks is set. While Pankow has climbed headfirst into fame, acting was not always his future career choice.

After graduating from high school, he took a culinary program but later decided to move to Los Angeles to study acting. He claimed to be confident in his decision and said it was the right path for him.

Pankow said he went to the audition with the expectation of obtaining the role of John B. He auditioned for three roles: John B, J.J., and Rafe. In about two weeks, they flew me to Charleston (South Carolina) saying, 'You're going to be one of these characters, but I didn't know which one.'

He chose J.J. because of the similarities he found between himself and the character. “I thought he was someone completely different from myself, but I saw similarities,” he said. “I really relate with this character and his arc throughout the program. It's so much deeper.”

Outer Banks was not Pankow's first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although he starred as an extra in Netflix's The Politician as well as the horror series, Sunny Family Cult. He also acted as Young Sam in the 2022 film Unchartered, where he played the titular character from the MCU.

Gary Weeks was inducted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he began his career as Agent Foster in Spider-Man: Homecoming, then reprised his role in the 2021 film, Spider-Man: No Way Home. In an interview with The Direct, Weeks suggested that Pankow might be suitable for one of the main characters in the upcoming Marvel film, The Fantastic Four as the Human Torch/Johnny Storm.

Fans are eager to see J.J. and Pankow's participation in future big projects as the next season of the series approaches.