Nick Offerman's real-life hobby would interest Bill from The Last of Us

Nick Offerman's real-life hobby would interest Bill from The Last of Us ...

After he dazzled viewers in HBO's The Last of Us, audiences around the world are just learning about Nick Offerman.

Offerman has a long history in television and cinema, but he's most well-known for his role as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. Over seven seasons of the political mockumentary, Offerman encapsulates the gruff, deadpan Libertarian, but those who never saw Leslie Knope's endlessly relatable struggles are largely unaware of the 52-year-old star.

Offerman was introduced — or reintroduced —audiences to the Last of Us in a completely different, but unexpectedly similar, role. In episode three of the post-apocalyptic series, Offerman captivated audiences with his portrayal of a paranoid, surly man who finds his partner, Frank, in Episode 3, which has already been hailed as one of the finest-ever episodes of television.

Bill and his wide-reaching and impressive abilities in almost everything drew attention quickly, especially from Offerman, who has long held a passion for woodworking. This trait is embodied in several of his most popular on-screen performances, but he takes it to the next level in real life.

Offerman owns and operates his own woodshop in East Los Angeles. The business focuses on "hand-crafted, traditional joinery and sustainable slab rescue," and it even invites members to teach classes and "spread the good wood word."

In a world where survival was not his top concern, Bill would almost certainly share Offerman's interest in woodworking. The hobby is right up the brusque prepper's alley, but we suspect he didn't find much time for casual crafting in the midst of renovating his street block into a fortress.

Offerman's passion for woodworking goes beyond a mere hobby. He has built a career out of the skill, and sells beautiful handmade items out of his shop. From baby cribs and hardwood tables to stunning, sleek canoes, record players, and even cards, there's something for everyone.