The J.K. Rowling embargo has been reinstated on a dedicated Hogwarts Legacy subreddit

The J.K. Rowling embargo has been reinstated on a dedicated Hogwarts Legacy subreddit ...

J.K. Rowling's subreddit is cracking down on discussions and information about Hogwarts Legacy.

After her toxic and transphobic views became public, the once-celebrated author has become a divisive figure in recent years. Many former Harry Potter fans are paused when it comes to enjoying new Wizarding World titles as they strive to avoid supporting Rowling's ongoing campaign against trans people, particularly trans women.

Any discussion about Rowling tends to be quite contentious. The majority of fans have left Rowling and most of her works in the rear-view, instead focusing on less problematic properties. Some fans are finding it much harder than others, given the deep attachment they've harbored for Harry Potter since childhood, but they've chosen to support the trans community anyway.

Then there are the customers who are eyeing Hogwarts Legacy as a victory for anti-trans perspectives. They are planning to purchase a copy just to sway the trans community and their allies, and are generally disinterested in the game that is causing the controversy. These individuals have become a growing problem in many circles as they turn the conversation away from helpful discourse into pure anti-LGBTQIA+ sentiments.

The official Hogwarts Legacy subreddit has recently reinstated an embargo on all topics related to J.K. Rowling. In a Feb. 2 post, the subreddit's mods explained the decision, revealing that lifting the embargo opened the door for a wave of bigoted users to flood threads with harmful remarks.

Any and all conversations about Rowling quickly spiraled into bigoted language toward LGBTQ+ individuals, according to the post, which pushed the mods to ban all Rowling-related topics. There is also the issue of keeping things to the game, which tirades about Rowling often avoid.

The mods' final letter is broadly discouraged from trolling, and notes that many of those who lash out against "woketivists" are just feeding "into this structure which they claim to hate."

Users who are still undecided about Hogwarts Legacy and want a place to discuss Rowling's behavior and the ethical consequences of making a purchase will still have a place to do so. The sub's Boycott + Ethics megathread provides a place for "users who are truly unhappy about buying the game and want to talk about it in good faith."

The subreddit no longer allows any discussion about Rowling, whether good or bad, but instead tries to reorganize itself with its original purpose: discussing Hogwarts Legacy and the innovative work from Avalanche Studios, the developers of the next game. Any users who do not behave in the same way should find a different place to discuss Hogwarts Legacy.”

Many Harry Potter fans are awaiting the release of Hogwarts Legacy with bated breath. How Hogwarts Legacy performs, upon release, will be telling.