Marvel fans live up to the hype and retaliate against Seth Rogens' claim that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is only for kids

Marvel fans live up to the hype and retaliate against Seth Rogens' claim that the Marvel Cinematic U ...

As adults of all ages collect comic books, action figures, video games, clothes, and movies, it's more than just kid's entertainment. MCU stans are clapping back hard because of what he actually said in a recent interview with Variety.

Rogen co-starred with Jon Snow in The Green Hornet in 2011, as well as served as one of the film's executive producers, and he's executive producer of The Boys, and he's appeared in three episodes. It's possible that neither of these projects are included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe lineup, but superheroes are.

Seth Rogen's attempt at superheroism is a testament to his ability.

Fans have all gotten winded up talking about how these films are geared towards children and that it's just not for him, and the outrage might not end anytime soon. Is the MCU film aimed towards adults, or do they only target kids? There is enough evidence to demonstrate that the films are made for anyone who has money in their pockets.

Rogen eschewed himself to a lengthy series of burns on a particular theme. He loves to smoke marijuana, and he most likely was high when he was quoted in the first place.

Because “Korg is a stone dude and Rogen is a stoned dude,” the stoned jokes keep coming.

The fact that the high community isn't represented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a shame. As a writer, maybe Rogen can get on that and then he'll have the appropriate representation for himself.

Adult users see the pleasure in watching the movies or the games after a long day at work as a form of escapism, despite all the referential humor.

Some adults are more interested in the MCU than their own children, and they are eager to wait until the day they'll be able to watch the films together.

Rogen might have been attempting to defend the MCU, but he has since gotten a roast on Reddit. Of course, he'll survive, but he may never be chosen to star in the franchise until he's cast as a villain.