James Gunn gives more details on what he'll get for Superman: Legacy

James Gunn gives more details on what he'll get for Superman: Legacy ...

There is a very legitimate worry that DC is relaunching its marquee superheroes a bit too often, but Superman: Legacy will be a drop in the ocean when compared to the other iconic member of the World's Finest.

Whoever gets cast in James Gunn's first major project as the creative lead of the franchise's bold new era will only be the fourth actor to play Kal-El in live-action in over 40 years, with Christopher Reeve followed two decades later by Brandon Routh, who then departed for the Henry Cavill era.

Following the contributions of Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, and Robert Pattinson, The Brave and the Bold will have a fifth different Batman iteration in just over a dozen years. However, a tweet from the co-CEO might reveal some new insights on a potential creative direction.

Alan Moore does not object to Hollywood adapting his work, but it does mean he isn't still considered one of the greatest comic book authors of all time. It should get the heart racing for fans to see Gunn openly lauding his contributions to the Kryptonian mythos.

Grant Morrison's back catalogue was expected to be part of Chapter 1 – Gods & Monsters, but July 2025 will not be the same without it. If we're going to get a reboot, origin story, reinvention, and launchpad for the DCU all at once three summers from now.