Alicia Silverstone Returns as Cher in Clueless-Inspired Super Bowl Ad Watch

Alicia Silverstone Returns as Cher in Clueless-Inspired Super Bowl Ad Watch ...

Alicia Silverstone reprises her most iconic role in a special Super Bowl performance.

Rakuten's high school-inspired commercial features a mock debate over the benefits of internet shopping.

Silverstone adds, "I used to be pretty clueless about shopping." Cher waits for Amber's "re-brutal" rebuttal as a montage of Cher's revolving closet and crashed Jeep Wrangler demonstrate how easy it is to shop thanks to Rakuten.

Christian Siriano, a winner of "Project Runway," reinvented the iconic yellow plaid outfit for a new interpretation of "Clueless."

“Um, hello, dream project. I recently got to recreate the outfit from 'Clueless' for my good pal @aliciasilverstone for the upcoming Big Game @rakuten commercial,” Siriano wrote on Instagram. “(My favorite place to score cash back by the by.) Isn’t she a total Betty?”

Silverstone said in a press release, "I think most of us would agree that Cher is one of film history's most famous consumers, so when Rakuten approached me to reprise the role for their Super Bowl role, I thought it was a great idea. Cher was always figuring out how to get what she wanted in the most creative ways, so I think Rakuten would really appeal to her."

She mentioned in the modern era that Cher really develops. She always has compassion, but she really awakens to what matters. I think she would be purchasing really eco[-friendly], animal cruelty-free clothes.”

“She never wanted to do 'Clueless 2,' said Silverstone of the iconic 1995 film. She just wanted to do it. I don't know why or how that works... You can have the greatest cast, the greatest script, and the most incredible director, yet those films don't work sometimes. So when it does, it's incredible.”

Silverstone referred to E! News as "Wouldn't that be so great?" After doing this, I felt like, 'Oh no, I don't get to keep going?' Like it's just done? These two days? So either Rakuten and I will need to make many more commercials."

Silverstone isn't the only star to reprise a well-known role in an ad this year. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston return to their meth-cooking counterparts for a PopChips placement. And Timothée Chalamet asks Apple TV+ for a job, while Adam Driver collaborates with his favorite actor (himself) in two hilarious commercials.