Why is Apex Legends lacking a new character in season 16?

Why is Apex Legends lacking a new character in season 16? ...

Season 16 of Apex Legends, also known as Revelry, will be released on February 14. The entire season is a celebration of Apex, using the game's fourth anniversary as an opportunity to instill knowledge that the game will continue to thrive. This includes some significant changes to the class structure and a new weapon for the first time in over a year.

Apex will not receive a new legend this season, though this is a first for the company, as every season since the very beginning has included a legend to its content schedule as a major part of its content schedule. Players are logically pondering the reasons for this, but the developers made it clear at a recent press event that it was a good decision.

Why does Apex have no new legend in season 16?

Apex is taking a broad balance pass at its legend classes and some popular weapon archetypes in season 16. Respawn realized that adding a new legend to the mix at the same time might create a chaotic sandbox.

“We're paused on releasing a new legend this season, so everyone can learn and master the new meta,” said Apex's Design Director. “We wanted to use Revelry as a chance to really dig deep and enhance the core experience of Apex that’s kept players coming back over the last four years.”

Revelry is clearly the beginning of a major shift from Apex development to evolving the game's foundations in order to better match the player base it has. Once the major changes it introduces are settled, and any modifications or updates can be implemented as needed, the team at Respawn will no doubt return to the usual content drops of a new legend each season.