Arenas will be deleted, but a new LTM playlist will be added in its place

Arenas will be deleted, but a new LTM playlist will be added in its place ...

Apex Legends lovers can say their final goodbyes to Arenas, but fans will get a long-awaited upgrade when the shooter's season 16 launches on February 14th. The developers have revealed that Respawn Entertainment will phase out the mode in the next season, as well as a promising Mixtape playlist.

Arenas failed to meet Respawn's aim of "being a good place to practice the core combat loop in a less-pressure situation," according to Nikolich. The BR is, according to him, the "high-stakes competitive space," and Arenas overlaps a bit with that.

The goal of the team is to provide an environment where players may practice with lower stakes. Second, the introduction of a Team Deathmatch mode for the first three weeks of season 16, called Revelry. After the three-week window ends, Respawn will release the Mixtape playlist, which includes popular game modes such as Gun Run, Control, and Team Deathmatch.

Due to their lower stakes and infinite respawns, players may practice their gun skills without much effort in Mixtape. In Control and Team Deathmatch, players can select from preset loadouts, while Gun Run allows them to try out a wide variety of weapons.

Arenas has been a part of Apex since it was launched during season nine in May 2021. It played more like VALORANT or CS:GO, with buy rounds and a crafting economy based on crafting materials. In season 10, a Ranked version of Arenas was released, but the mode fell off in popularity due to being too sweaty.

Legends like Octane, Rampart, and Seer passed through the Arenas in-universe before stamping their tickets to the Apex Games. Ash also served as the Arenas game master before officially becoming inducted into the roster in season 11. Though the Arenas mode will be removed, players may still see some mentions of the Arenas throughout the Outlands in the legend.

Starting on February 14, players may mourn Arenas and dive into Team Deathmatch, and the Mixtape playlist will be released on March 7.