When does the Apexs Mixtape playlist go out?

When does the Apexs Mixtape playlist go out? ...

Some Apex Legends' limited-time modes aren't as limited-time as they've been in the past few years. While short-lived modes may make wonderful returns every now and then for some extra spice (such as Control) or make explosive debuts (such as Gun Run), they tend to only be played for brief periods of time.

Respawn Entertainment is bringing in a low-pressure, high-fun environment with some of the most popular game modes with the launch of the new season, including Team Deathmatch.

Respawn is bringing an alternative game to the high-stakes modes, such as battle royale and Arenas, that includes some of Apex's most popular limited-time modes.

The new Mixtape playlist is intended to serve as a more casual playground, an environment where players can improve their skills most without worrying about dying, looting, or getting third-partied. This is a great option for newcomers and veterans alike who want to improve, or just for players who may have gotten bored with the Battle Royale after four years.

When does Apex Legends' Mixtape playlist begin?

Players will have three full weeks to enjoy the upcoming Team Deathmatch mode in all its unfettered glory when season 16 launches. After that, the mode will be available to play on the Mixtape playlist.

After Team Deathmatch's three-week reign, players can start diving into the LTM-filled Mixtape playlist on March 7, allowing the game to remain a permanent playlist. Players shouldn't have any difficulties integrating Gun Run, Control, Team Deathmatch, and other modes.

To make room for Mixtape, Respawn decided to "sunset" the dwindling Arenas mode. It caused some overlap with the high-stakes combat of the battle royale, with deaths being too severe. This means players won't see Arenas in the rotation starting with season 16, but there are plenty of modes to take its place.