Apex will not be able to re-create a new legend next season for the first time since its launch

Apex will not be able to re-create a new legend next season for the first time since its launch ...

Apex Legends' expanding cast will not continue this season. Respawn Entertainment will not add a new playable character for season 16, but the team will make a number of significant changes to the game in the next season.

Revelry, Apex's 16th season, is making significant changes to several of the core systems in the game. "We're actually putting a pause in adding a new legend this season so everyone may learn and master the new meta," said project manager Evan Nikolich.

This will be the first time in the shooter's history that a new legend is not included with a new season. Both the original legends and Caustic and Mirage were locked behind Legend Tokens. Every season since then, the cast has changed, from Octane in March 2019 to Catalyst in November 2022.

For Apex season 16, the Volt and Longbow are in the Replicator, while the Hemlok is in the care package.

"We wanted to use Revelry as a platform to really dig deep and focus our attention on enhancing the experience that kept Apex coming back for the last four years," Nikolich said. Players will experience one of the most transformative seasons in Apex history.

Respawn will modify the game's class system in order to better categorize the legends into five different types (as opposed to the four divisions it has had since launch). Most legends will be put under the knife as part of the class adjustments, and players should be on the lookout for the new high-powered Nemesis energy AR, which fires in a four-round burst.

Fans may continue to play the six-vs-six Team Deathmatch mode throughout the first three weeks of the season. Once that period has expired, they may try the new Mixtape playlist, which allows players to play popular limited-time modes like Gun Run, Control, and Team Deathmatch in an almost permanent fashion. The Arenas game mode has dwindled in popularity since its introduction and will be removed from the game.

Apex players have plenty in stock for season 16: from discovering the legends they already know to exploring the new Team Deathmatch mode and the Mixtape playlist, to trying out the Nemesis. They may not notice the absence of a new face in the new legend selection screen.