Apex Mobile's main characters aren't coming to Apex at least yet

Apex Mobile's main characters aren't coming to Apex at least yet ...

Players will not see any of the mobile content from Apex Legends Mobile's death, according to Respawn Entertainment in a press conference last week.

Apex Mobile was launched on May 17, 2022, and Respawn Entertainment announced their "sunset" last week. The game's servers will be phased out on May 1, implying that it will have spent less than a year on the market. During its short lifespan, Apex Mobile created some unique content that fans may want to see in the base version of the game, although it may not be available at the servers in the near future.

"I think the mobile experience we created in Apex Legends is for one type of experience, while HD [the regular version of Apex Legends] is for another," said game director Steven Ferreira. "Not to say that we wouldn't do that in the future, but right now, we are not planning to."

Apex Mobile gave birth to two unique legends, Fade and Rhapsody, who are developed specifically for mobile devices. The game also included Team Deathmatch in the HD version, launched legend-based rewards, and created the Pythas Block Zero map in season two, which is linked to Rhapsody's story.

When Apex Mobile launched it, Fade was one of the game's faces, recognizing his status as the first mobile-only legend. However, this mobile gameplay may not translate very well into the HD version. Both versions of the game differ by relying on each other's strengths.

Despite the differences between the two games, the legends coexist in the same universe. Rhapsody hails from a party district in the planet of Solace, which houses Kings Canyon, Mirage's Paradise Lounge bar, and other elements that appear in the lore. If the intention changes, the legends will likely need some balancing adjustments to fit in the base version.

Apex‘s season 16 includes the long-awaited Team Deathmatch mode, which was included in Apex Mobile, while Ferreira did not close the door on other possibilities for franchises in the future.