When will the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update be released?

When will the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update be released? ...

Although the game isn't even out yet, Disney Dreamlight Valley's early access has kept players around the world quite occupied with regular updates, which bring new content every so often. Gameloft, the creator of Dreamlight Valley, has been great at keeping the game fresh with new content.

Players will likely continue to gain new characters, realms, items, and things to do in 2022, and there will be a slew of new updates planned for the beginning of the year. In the most recent update, players got to meet Woody and Buzz in the Toy Story realm.

The roadmap will likely have content updates every two to four months, as they were in 2022. Both the most recent updates were made in the fall, so players can expect one to two updates per season.

Mirabel from Encanto will be added to the latest roadmap, as well as a new Star Path to commemorate Disney's 100th anniversary. The next few updates will include new characters like Simba from The Lion King, new Star Paths, and more.

What is the date of the next Disney Dreamlight Valley release?

The last Disney Dreamlight Valley update was released on December 6, 2022, and the next one is scheduled for February 16, 2023.

The update may be released on Valentine's Day in order to align with the content update, but the game's Twitter account sent out a cryptic message that had players anticipating a shadow drop on February 6, but it turned out to be just a brief mention of the date and another hidden hint that fans might get another new character in the upcoming patch that was not previously announced.

The release of Disney Dreamlight Valley as a free-to-play game is currently unknown. Players must purchase a Founder's Pack, which includes several in-game goodies and premium currency that may be used to purchase additional items during themed events.