In Apex Legends, how do you play Team Deathmatch?

In Apex Legends, how do you play Team Deathmatch? ...

Apex Legends has released the latest game mode, Team Deathmatch. The long-awaited game mode has been a part of countless multiplayer titles for years, and legends around the world have been waiting for it to be released in 2019.

With Apex season 16 coming up next week, there are a number of major changes that will shake the fast-paced battle royale experience to its core, including Team Deathmatch.

The new game mode allows Apex players to play around freely, perfect their gunplay skills, and not be worried about being booted straight to the game over screen after one death, like in battle royale.

In Apex Legends, how do I play Team Deathmatch?

When Apex Team Deathmatch launches, you'll notice your hero waiting to do something. Usually, it'll say "Trio" down the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, above where you click "Ready."

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The game select menu will appear when you click on "Team Deathmatch," and you'll be in the queue for the game mode. All you have to do then is click "Ready." You'll be placed in the queue to join a TDM in Apex.

As simple as that, you'll be able to perfect your aim in no time. Just don't develop any bad habits; they'll transfer to your high-stakes Apex battle royale lobbies too.