Dark and Darker's entire tier list is displayed below

Dark and Darker's entire tier list is displayed below ...

Dark and Darker was one of the most anticipated Christmas games when it was released into an extremely popular early access test the week of the holiday. This was many players' first introduction to the Dungeons and Dragons loot-extraction game, which would be released on Twitch. However, many new players aren't sure which classes are best in the beginning.

Before you begin your journey to Dark and Darker, you'll need to select a character class. Here's all you need to know about all of the best classes in the game.

Which dark and darker classes are the best?

The more you play the game, the more likely you will become interested in some classes over others. A lot of playing Dark and Darker as a group is finding a class you like and then finding two other players who make up for those weaknesses. There are no bad classes in the game, just some that require a little more time to learn.

The Wizard class, which includes Gandalf, Merlin, and Glinda the Good, is one of the hardest to learn in the game due to its slew of spells and mana to manage on top of everything else. It's a fun class to play, especially if you have melee teammates to cover you, but it's not a great starting option due to the character's low physical damage and health.

The Rogue is a great class if you're planning on going into the group and getting as much loot as you can before going out. The character can however, pick locks without lockpicks, disable traps, and interact with items faster, making it ideal for loot-focused characters.

The Ranger is a great addition to a team as it recharges spells and health, giving your team a second wind on their journey.

This class is enhanced by the fact that it includes healing abilities that the player may use on themselves and the others on their team. These spells are limited and should be used wisely. This class is also excellent as a solo due to its numerous melee combat abilities and bonus damage to the many undead you'll encounter in the dungeons.

Tank classes are usually beneficial because players can jump into most situations and do severe damage without much worry about their health. The Barbarian is a fantastic class for players who desire strong magic resistance and the ability to deal severe damage. However, this class is slow and will take longer to open chests and go through the hallways.

The Fighter class isn't lying when it says that this is the game's most well-rounded character. It can also use any weapon or armor in the game, as long as you have it. This class also has the ability to sprint, but it cannot cast spells, which is really a relief when you're just starting out.