Season 3 of Overwatch is attempting to entice you with these new reasons to play

Season 3 of Overwatch is attempting to entice you with these new reasons to play ...

Overwatch 2 is entering its third season of competitive play, and developers at Blizzard Entertainment have made some changes to the game's reward system.

Players are criticized for the switch from a one-time purchase to a free game with a battle pass. The main objections are that cosmetics are now too costly under the new model, and that the less frequent rewards aren't enough to keep players engaged throughout the entire battle pass.

With several new seasons three gameplay changes, Blizzard seems to have taken into account players' opinions. These include tweaks to skin pricing and enhanced rewards that can be earned for free.

The most noticeable major change players of the original Overwatch will be able to see is that most of the 300 event skins from the original game are now available to purchase straight from the Hero Gallery in Overwatch 2.

These skins are all in the Epic or Legendary tier, and since they will always be available on the Hero Gallery, they may be purchased at any time. If you’ve seen a teammate with a specific skin you don’t know how to get, it might pop up with these 300, yes, three hundred, skins that will now show up in the Hero Gallery.

The price of Legendary skins has been also reduced, in addition to these skins now being available. In Overwatch 2, Legendary skins cost 1,900 Credits, but now they will only cost 1,500 per Legendary.

As if that weren't enough, Blizzard is now giving players 1,500 Credits for free to spend as they wish. This means you can unlock one of these old Legendary skins for free when you log in to play today, so choose wisely.

Blizzard has added ten additional reward levels to the free version of the battle pass, which means that even if you can't afford it or don't want to finish all 80 tiers of the battle pass, it now offers you a bit more than the original free version launched in seasons one and two.

When you sign up for the free or paid battle pass early enough, you will unlock the first five battle pass levels immediately.

In addition to the 1,500 free credits for paid battle pass owners, they will receive an additional 500 Credits.

In season three, there will be many more events, including Overwatch World Cup celebrations, Valentine's Day, and the PachiMarchi Overwatch tradition.

If players log in to Overwatch 2 before February 20 will receive the Gold Medal weapon charm for the Overwatch World Cup.

Cupid Hanzo, a Loverwatch dating gamer, will appear as a free player icon during the Valentine's Day event, and the PachiMarchi event will offer a free Epic Roadhog skin upon completion of certain challenges.

This season, there will be more exciting Twitch Drops, so be sure to keep your eyes on all the ways to earn more cosmetics in Overwatch 2.