Is it possible to preload Hogwarts Legacy on Steam?

Is it possible to preload Hogwarts Legacy on Steam? ...

Many players are already embarking on their Hogwarts Legacy journey after a lengthy wait and delays, while others are already familiar with the game's official release.

The game will be released on February 10, but those who purchased the Deluxe edition or the collector's edition also receive a three-day early access period. Players may also speed up the process by preloading the game ahead of time.

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Preloading a game means that players can download it ahead of time in order to significantly speed up the process of actually getting to play when it comes out. It is a very useful feature that many games now implement to allow players to jump into the action as soon as the game is officially released.

The preload function is particularly useful with a huge game such as Hogwarts Legacy, since the initial download is likely to take some time. Players understandably want to start playing Hogwarts as soon as possible, therefore the question whether or not they can preload Hogwarts Legacy will significantly affect how soon they can begin playing.

Is it possible to preload Hogwarts Legacy on your PC?

The preload function for Hogwarts Legacy is not available for Steam or PC in general. Either PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S.

Many PC players are dissatisfied with the lack of a preload feature for that platform. This coupled with all of the other exclusive content that is only available to console players has made many PC players dissatisfied with their purchase.

PC players who purchased Hogwarts Legacy on this platform will have to wait until their early access period officially begins to download the game. PC players' displeasure is certainly understandable considering that they will be spending some of their early access time installing the game rather than playing it.