How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Robot Voice Issues

How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Robot Voice Issues ...

Hogwarts Legacy is a Harry Potter action RPG developed by Avalanche Software that is set in the Harry Potter books and movies. The game will be released for everyone on February 10, but those who have purchased the Deluxe Edition or the creators partnered with Warner Bros. were able to access it early.

Players have already encountered bugs and unintended bugs throughout the game's world, as well as many recently released titles. While there are no guarantees that the next installment of Hogwarts Legacy will be released, the RPG's soft launch has already provided some insight into the potential problems players may encounter while traveling across the wizarding world.

A flaw that has affected several early players is a flaw that makes the main character's voice spooky and robotic. Anyone familiar with audio software may be all too familiar with sound. This is what you should do if you are experiencing this problem.

How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Robot Voice Bug

Hogwarts Legacy has prided itself on its enormous customization possibilities. Either creating a re-created version of themselves, or a completely different character, players may choose from a vast assortment of hairstyles, character presets, and other features.

Players may also change their character's voice, which they will hear quite often throughout the game. There is also a voice slider for players to modify the pitch of both standard voices.

When players use this voice slider, it appears to be a bug that causes the main character's voice to become robotic and distorted. Unfortunately, there is no immediate remedy for the issue. Players will likely have to wait until the game fully launches on February 10 with a day-one patch to be fixed.

Players may alter the voice slider further or select one of the standard voice options to hopefully avoid the issue until it is addressed by the developers.