For Hogwarts Legacy, how do you get connected to your Harry Potter Fan Club and WB Games account?

For Hogwarts Legacy, how do you get connected to your Harry Potter Fan Club and WB Games account? ...

In Hogwarts Legacy, you're sorted into your proper House and chosen by your customized wand and patronus, and you'll get a head start on your Hogwarts Legacy journey by linking all of your accounts and claiming some exclusive rewards you can customize your character with in-game. Here's how to connect them!

How to Connect Accounts in Hogwarts Legacy

You must first connect your Hogwarts Legacy account to a WB Games account and a Harry Potter Fan Club account. These will help you find your suitable house while also personalizing your own wand and patronus, and it'll take you to the official Legacy Connect website.

To link your accounts, you will need to complete the following steps once you have arrived:

To link your WB account, you must complete all four bolded steps above.

After completing the following steps, you should be all set and ready to dive into the adventure. After the initial start sequence, you may discover some new rewards waiting for you in your inventory.

Rewards for all WB Games Accounts

Connecting your account allows for a more personal experience, but also gives you some fun, exclusive rewards you can claim in the game.

  • The House Fan-atic School Robe (For your sorted house)
  • Beaked Skull Mask

As soon as you complete the initial start sequence of the game, these items will be available in your inventory. You will also be able to see your proper wand and patronus when creating your Fan Club profile.

Is it possible to change your Hogwarts House once it's been sorted?

Your House and personal wand and patronus will be linked to your Hogwarts Legacy account when you create your Fan Club profile and link to WB Games. However, this does not mean you will be locked into that particular House or equipment; you may still choose the House you'd like to visit at the Sorting Hat, much like Harry did himself. You may also unlink or relinking accounts at any time.

You have connected all the necessary accounts and prepared all your personal information, and are ready to explore the magical world of Hogwarts. Don't forget to try on those exclusive rewards to explore the grounds in style.

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