Level 10 Quest Walkthrough for Disney Dreamlight Valley Elsa

Level 10 Quest Walkthrough for Disney Dreamlight Valley Elsa ...

Increased friendship levels with Disney characters allow you to complete new quests that help solve different mysteries that surround the different biomes and each Disney character in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here is how you complete the Elsa Level 10 quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, how do you complete the Ice Cavern Mystery?

Elsa will guide you to a mural in the Frosted Heights biome once you have reached level 10 and have discovered the mysteries behind her lost memories. Before you do that, Elsa will ask you to speak to Anna, who has a badge in her possession.

Anna can be found in the Forest of Valor, and she will tell you that the crest is somewhere in her house. You must return it to Elsa's ice cave near Frosted Heights and hang it on the wall mural. These are Arendellian Pickled Herring, White Passion Lily, and Gold Ingot.

These four ingredients, Herring, Onion, Lemon, Garlic, and any one herb, can be Mint, Basil, Oregano, or you can get Carrot seeds from Goofy's Stalls at the Peaceful Meadows for 10 Star Coins. Sow the seeds, water them, and wait for the seeds to develop into Carrots.

Gold Ingot is somewhat tricky to craft as it requires a crafting table. First, you need to collect the Gold Nuggets from any of these three biomes: Forgotten Lands, Sunlit Plateau, or Frosted Heights. Start by collecting five Gold Nuggets and one Coal Ore to make the Gold Ingot.

Collect all of these items and return to the ice caven, placing them on the four pedestals. The ice-covered mural will automatically vanish, and you will be able to retrieve Elsa's stunning ice gown from the chest. All that remains is to return and give Elsa her gown.

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