In Pokmon GO, what is the best moveset for Noivern?

In Pokmon GO, what is the best moveset for Noivern? ...

It was the first day of the Noibat Community Day, and a large number of people were catching their fill of Noibat, eager to transform it into Noivern and play in PvP. It also makes us wonder: is Noivern even appropriate for the Go Battle League? If yes, what's the best moveset? Let's find out.

Is Noivern a good competitive Pokémon?

Noivern is a Flying and Dragon Pokémon with a maximum CP of 2,764 if you're lucky. The best Defensive movesets for Noivern are Air Slash as a Fast Move, and Psychic as a Charged Move. For Offensive, you can use Air Slash as a Fast Move and Draco Meter as a Charged Move.

Boomburst, a new, exclusive, Charged Move that was added to Noibat on Community Day, is an excellent Charged Move. It does 150 damage in total. However, this does not make Noivern a Pokémon you may want to compete in major leagues.

After the Community Day hype fades out, Noivern might end up in your Pokédex, forgotten.

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