What are the functions of the Ancient Scrolls in Dark and Darker?

What are the functions of the Ancient Scrolls in Dark and Darker? ...

While dungeon diving in Dark and Darker, you will encounter various loot. These include items that keep you alive, to items that you may sell for gold. One item that you may discover is an Ancient Scroll. This may leave you wondering what Ancient Scrolls do in Dark and Darker.

What to Do With the Ancient Scrolls in Dark and Darker

Ancient Scrolls do not have a purpose in-game. Their sole purpose is to be sold, which isn't particularly worth it since they only earn you 10 to 15 gold when sold, depending on the condition. As such, there is no real need for picking up these items while looting the dungeon.

How to Get Ancient Scrolls in Darker and Darker

If you want Ancient Scrolls, you can find them while looting. This seems to be the easiest method. Keep an eye on any chests, though, as some may be mimics and attack you.

When Dark and Darker is released for the first time, we will likely see Ancient Scrolls use in the game. We may discover what purpose this item will serve in an update or news post from Ironmace Games. Until then, we recommend keeping any Ancient Scrolls you find hidden in your inventory for better loot.

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