Who is the Settler in League of Legends lore?

Who is the Settler in League of Legends lore? ...

Sett may be a top-tier player who is measured only by his game mechanics. In League of Legends lore, Sett climbed to the top of the food chain by clawing through poverty and discrimination.

Who is a fixture in League of Legends?

Sett was never truly accepted in Ionia. His mother was a Vastaya from Ionia, and his dad was a Noxian human, putting the youngster on the verge of becoming a "beast-boy," while his father was adamantly protective of the children.

Sett always felt secure around his father, as he was an respected pitfighter in Ionia's harsh underbelly. He endured the slam of hatred and yelling until he learned a new way to silence the voices. When trouble came his way, he faced it head-on, throwing punches at anyone foolish enough to insult his origins.

Despite his martial abilities, Sett was adamantly admonished by his mother. She cautioned him not to step foot in a Noxian pit. Despite his martial abilities, he was unconcerned about his father. Although he wasn't aware of his father's actions, he felt closer to his father than ever before.

Noxian men fought one another, painting bruises and cuts on their opponents in a pit. He learned his father had left his family for the pursuit of profit. His chest became hot with anger, and his fists became so tight they broke his skin. He pleaded with the arena's matchmaker for a spot.

Sett rose quickly from the pit ranks thanks to talent and a brutal fighting style. He earned enough money to care for his single mother, though he refused to admit that he fought for the money. When his mother would often ask about his bruises and scars, Sett claimed he cut himself accidentally while building an orphanage. His mother was adamant, believing her son to be a hard worker and philanthropist. She never knew the whole truth.

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