In Pixel Piece Roblox, how do you become a Marine?

In Pixel Piece Roblox, how do you become a Marine? ...

Pixel Piece is a Roblox game inspired by the popular manga/anime One Piece. Both are powerful forces on the sea. There are other factions, but these are the primary ones you can choose from.

Roblox Pixel Piece: How to Be a Marine

Becoming a marine in Pixel Piece will take some time. You will need to satisfy a few requirements before becoming a marine, and then finishing a certain quest. Here's how to become a Pixel Piece marine.

  • Be level 45.
  • Have 10,000 Beli

After meeting these requirements, you must travel to Shells Town, the second village in Pixel Piece. Find Ranabana in the northwest part of town; then, you will need to defeat Axe Hand Norgan. He will remove the Sailor Certificate, which you will need to earn to be a marine.

Return to Shells Town and find the two sword-bearing guards at the entrance to the town. Ask the player if they want to become a Marine and pay the 10,000 Beli.

The ability to become a pirate is currently disabled, so you cannot join this group. This should be fixed once the developer publishes a patch to address the problem. Until then, become a marine or hold off until the pirate bug is fixed.

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