Getaway I Tears of Themis event guide

Getaway I Tears of Themis event guide ...

The Tears of Themis Cozy Couple's Getaway I event will be held on February 6, 2023, and is open to all attorneys who have completed X-Note Main Story 2-28. You can travel with Vyn or Marius to explore the magical world of Varnai during this time-gated event. We recommend not putting it off until the last minute.

How to Finish The Tears of Themis Cozy Couple's Getaway I Event

The Cozy Couple's Getaway button above the X-Note allows you to see the event. Upon starting, you must make a tough decision: should you travel with Vyn or Marius?

If you begin playing on the first day of the week and play every six to 12 hours, you'll have enough time to complete both routes. However, you can't change mid-way, and we highly recommend choosing your preferred male lead.

If you like both Vyn and Marius equally, keep in mind that you may only use cards associated with the chosen male lead during debates and will only be compensated with card skill level-up materials related to him.

Once you've arrived in Varnai, click on Sightseeing on the bottom right of the screen to select any available scenic spot of your choice to enjoy with him. Once you've selected a sightseeing destination, you can't change it until you've completed all debates within. Each scenic spot has voice dialogue, so turn your volume up!

After you've chosen a picturesque spot, click on an exclamation mark to begin a debate. You may only use cards of your travel partner in both the Primary and Support Decks. Debates will reward you with card skill level-up materials for your partner.

The shortest wait time to get to the next scenic spot is six hours. You may purchase a Fast Pass to omit the waiting time after completing the tutorial. Additional Fast Passes may be purchased from February 14 onwards.

The Travel Diary is located at the bottom right of the event page, and you'll be able to claim rewards for the scenic spots you've completed. There are many pages in the Travel Diary, so browse through them to find the rewards you're looking for.

After completing a travel route, you'll receive the male lead's event R card: Vyn "Bright Flame" or Marius "Flower Fragrance." Both routes will reward you with a limited "Full of Emotions" Badge.

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