Myths of Moonrise Codes (February 2023)

Myths of Moonrise Codes (February 2023) ...

Are you looking for a horror-themed match-three game with a deep storyline and alliance battles? Welcome to Myths of Moonrise! Pick your heroes and go into match-three battles, train and send your troops to explore the world and win more wealth!

Myths of moonrise have a wide variety of rewards, including free resources, diamond chests, speedups, books, and mana shields. These can be used to improve your structures, speed up progress such as troop and building construction, and defend your town.

The Moonrise Myths and Codes

These are all the working Myths of Moonrise codes.

  • OwllyGift0202—Redeem for multiple rewards (New)
  • 2023—Redeem for multiple rewards
  • freegifts—Redeem for multiple rewards
  • surprisepacks—Redeem for multiple rewards

Myths of Moonrise are no longer valid.

  • OwllyGift0109—This code has expired
  • OwllyGift910—This code has expired
  • OwllyGift1229—This code has expired
  • OwllyGift1220—This code has expired

Myths of Moonrise: How to Redeem Codes

Myths of Moonrise codes may be redeemed following the following steps.

What are the best ways to get more Moonrise myths?

If you want to find your owl Myths of Moonrise codes, you can start by following @Moonrise_EN on Twitter, liking Myths of Moonrise on Facebook, and becoming a member of the official Myths of Moonrise Discord server (which has a redemption-code channel).

If you have tried to enter one of our Myths of Moonrise codes but it hasn't worked, it may be a typo. If you misinterpret a letter for a number or miss a capital letter, the code will invalidate it, so try to copy and paste them in as soon as possible.

In Myths of Moonrise, there are other ways to get free rewards.

Myths of Moonrise offers many other ways to receive free rewards. For example, you may join an Alliance by clicking the Join Alliance icon at the bottom right of the main screen. This will open up the Benefits menu.

What are the Myths of Moonrise?

Myths of Moonrise is a gothic horror-themed match-three game with a slew of additional elements. You travel with troops and resources to explore and find additional treasures, and, once you join an alliance, to battle with other alliances.

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