In Hogwarts Legacy, can you customize your wand again?

In Hogwarts Legacy, can you customize your wand again? ...

In this open-world RPG, you'll be immersed in the Wizarding World and are allowed to encounter popular characters like Peeves. One of the first considerations you'll make is selecting your wand's wood type, core type, flexibility, and wand length. Can you customize your wand again in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, can you modify your wand later?

After you have visited Olivander's and picked your wand, you may not modify it any further. While players may create a wand that can be used in the game, you may modify it during your visit to Olivander's shop in Hogwarts. Be sure to choose your wand carefully.

Changing the handle of your wand will not affect the appearance of your whole wand, but will provide minor customization changes to the handle of your wand. Wand handles are cosmetic items that are unlockable after fulfilling quest objectives. Wand handles can be added to your wand in the Gear menu.

Wand Handles do not alter or alter your stats in any way. They are only for aesthetics.

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