In Hogwarts Legacy, which Wand Core should you choose?

In Hogwarts Legacy, which Wand Core should you choose? ...

Hogwarts Legacy is designed to allow you to truly immerse yourself in your own unique story as a witch or wizard. Each is unique to the person who wields it, and, as we all know, the wizard is the primary character in this game. Read on to find out which one to choose.

Does the Wand Core make a difference in Hogwarts Legacy?

Mechanically, it does not appear to, no. While by Wizarding World lore, the core of a wand is an essential component that determines its capability, any wand choice you choose in Ollivander's shop in Hogwarts Legacy is purely cosmetic. It will have no bearing on how much damage you can do with your attack spells.

Why are there only three Wand Core options?

The Hogwarts Legacy Wand Core options are rooted in Harry Potter's canon. For all of the Ollivander family's wands, there are three choices: Dragon Heartstrings, Unicorn Hair, and Phoenix Feathers.

Magics that have a Dragon Heartstring core are often associated with powerful or flamboyant spells. Unicorn Hair cores are generally found in wands that select Wizards and Witches who are more prone to executing a spell on their own. Phoenix Feather Wands are the wild cards.

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