What Causes LoL to Be Disabled? How can I check the status of my LoL server?

What Causes LoL to Be Disabled? How can I check the status of my LoL server? ...

The Ranked Mode is one of League of Legends' best assets. This way, your skills will be tested by the world's top players. And, above all, every victory will propel you higher on the ladder, demonstrating to everyone how good you are. Until some technical difficulty gets in the way, you'll want to continue your ladder campaign as soon as possible.

What causes me to not be able to play LoL Ranked?

Although League of Legends is a highly popular game with millions of players, there are many reasons why LoL Ranked mode is disabled. Sometimes it's a technical issue, usually when a new update is implemented. There's also a human error, like when Riot Games was forced to disable ranked mode because they accidentally changed LoL to an older version.

How to Check the Status of a League of Legends Server

The League of Legends ranked server status can be checked in several ways. Follow these steps to find out if and why LoL is ranked disabled:

  • Visit the official League of Legends page - on the LoL service status page, you can find all issues that may affect your gameplay. If you see the word Critical next to one of the messages, it means that the service in question is disabled at the moment.
  • Check LoL socials - one of the best ways to find out more about the game's status is to check out the League of Legends Twitter account @LeagueOfLegends or the LoL Discord server.
  • Bookmark this page - you can always visit Pro Game Guides for more information regarding the League of Legends server status and guides! This way, you can jump straight into the fight well-prepared as soon as servers return online.

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