In Pixel Piece, where does the Sea Beast spawn? Roblox

In Pixel Piece, where does the Sea Beast spawn? Roblox ...

Pixel Piece is a Roblox Experience based on the ever-popular One Piece anime and manga, where you can explore the Blue Sea world looking for adventures. Numerous challenges, hidden dungeons, and raids await the explorers to discover them in Pixel Piece's Update one. We will guide you to finding and defeating it!

Pixel Piece's location for Sea Beast Island

Pixel Piece will only allow you to find the Sea Beast on the Sea Beast Island, and you'll need to purchase the Beast Pose at the Richman shop on the Central Island. The Beast Pose costs 1500 gold. We have codes that will get you access to it if you don't have enough.

The Sea Beast Island is situated south of Syrup Village and north of Shark Park. The Sea Beast spawns at a lake in the island's center. The spawn time for the Sea Beast is every 20 minutes server time. The server time can be seen in the top left corner of the screen.

  • Black Leg
  • Haki
  • 1SS

Once you defeat it, the Sea Beast will drop Sea Beast Teeth of various colors that you may trade with Richman for various useful items.

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