Like It Touched the Sun in The Ark Episode 2 Review

Like It Touched the Sun in The Ark Episode 2 Review ...

This The Ark review includes spoilers.

The Ark Episode 2 is a sequel to The Ark.

When too much goes wrong in a survival program, it can be a bit frustrating to watch. With The Ark, perhaps because the crew does well, although no one looks particularly healthy yet, and, aside from some conflict in the mess hall, cooler heads are predominant for the most part. This allows viewers to concentrate a bit more on the story of the damaged ship and the murdered stowaway.

The Ark's premiere and this week's episode, "Like It Touched the Sun," are a mix of conflict and pleasure. The title refers to the strangely severe heat damage the ship suffered that woke everyone, which Lieutenants Brice and Lane are investigating at the start of the episode. The seeds are planted for some sort of ongoing conspiracy, whether the damage was intentional or not.

Commander Ingram refers to "Trust," a likely ironic name, as a good candidate for some hidden project gone awry, or at least some negligent risk-taking that might be at the root of the catastrophic damage to the ship. In these kinds of situations, trust may come with a healthy dose of hubris.

The flashback provides context for Brice and Lane's distrust of Garnet. In the premiere, the man posing as Jasper mentioned his knowledge of Garnet's secret, and it appears she was appointed to the crew under unusual circumstances. Lieutenant Garnet is an interesting protagonist for The Ark due to her misguided and often inflammatory unilateral decision making, and the fact that she also has secrets makes it difficult to root for her over her fellow leaders.

Alicia is nice to have on the makeshift council, but Angus, who is smart and helpful as he is, is lacking any real personality. There was a bit of an awkward exchange between the two as the former talked about taking over the latter's job in waste management, but it was superficial flirtation at best.

Cat Brandice, the social media sensation who has been appointed as the crew's mental health monitor in this week's The Ark, was perhaps the most compelling character. The fact that Eva was able to secure private quarters ahead of Brice and Lane reveals just as much about Garnet's lack of respect for her fellow officers.

The fact that Jasper was killed or that the water situation is becoming more severe isn't nearly as interesting as the immediate aftermath of Lieutenant Brice's slap of the tongue in mentioning the knife that caused the damage, which was not common knowledge according to security officer Felix. If not, Brice would have been the center of attention as the episode came to an end.

The Ark's second episode was rounded off with another satisfying twist that left viewers wanting more. The story feels equally at ease when it comes to when Dr. Kabir will ever be able to rest as it is when it comes to when the water will run dry.