Players of Modern Warfare 2 are disappointed that Gunfight will not be included in Season 2

Players of Modern Warfare 2 are disappointed that Gunfight will not be included in Season 2 ...

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 is still unveiled, but it appears to be fading for a while longer.

Players of Activision's latest annual shooter – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – have been a bit dissatisfied with several aspects of the game as of late.

Consumers are furious that Warzone 2, the free-to-play CoD battle royale, has received far more attention and news ahead of Season 2 of the respective games.

The rumors that Gunfight, a popular Modern Warfare mode, would remain out for another season, have only exacerbated matters.

Gunfight was one of the standout features of the MW 2019 reboot, becoming a regular game mode and would form the basis of Warzone's Gulag encounters.

So it's no surprise that Modern Warfare 2 players are eager for Gunfight to be reinstated. Gunfight was not disclosed until after the leaks, so it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the popular playlist option made its debut.

Players who are waiting for the sequel of Gunfight, according to CharlieIntel's findings, are most likely to be disappointed.

Some players feel this is a rather fragile move, given that Modern Warfare 2's player numbers are continuing to decline.

“That’s because they’ll wait until they really need it, maybe Season 3 or 4, for additional player retention. That’s why we likely won't get party modes (Infected, Gun Game, etc.) for another couple seasons too, according to one player in a subreddit thread.

XCalibur672, a Reddit user, made a heated observation: “It’s been ruined for me to do online multiplayer games by myself. So I’m more and more just playing single-player games now, and I’m finding that much more worthwhile.”

It will be interesting to see how Modern Warfare 2 and the subsequent weeks will differ if all the rumored information comes to fruition.

The reaction from MW2 players might only increase following the Season 2 delays and Warzone 2 getting a whole new Resurgence map.

Activision has given credit for the image.