Dr Disrespect exposes a troubling Warzone 2 issue that no one is aware of

Dr Disrespect exposes a troubling Warzone 2 issue that no one is aware of ...

Dr Disrespect has revealed a major issue that players aren't aware of, which he expects the update to resolve.

Dr Disrespect, a popular streamer, has always been open about his thoughts on Warzone 2, claiming that it caters to "brainless gamers" and that Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends is a better game.

Season 2 is expected to bring significant changes, and while Dr Disrespect has been skeptical about the update's ability to save the game, he hopes that it will address a major issue that nobody is really talking about.

The Doc joined forces with ZLaner in Warzone 2 and revealed a few things that he's currently dissatisfied with, including the Operator's voice while healing.

"You know what people don't mention that I think should be included in a patch?" Dr Disrespect explained: "It's about downing the volume when I get a little bit of damage."

The sound of his healing up should be reduced by 80 to 90%, according to him. His hope is that this change will enhance his recovery.

Dr Disrespect noted that the Operator's healing audio "lasts far too long. It's loud, and it lasts forever." Since this isn't a topic that's being discussed widely among the Warzone 2 community, it's still to be seen if the developers will address it.

Season 2 will make audio adjustments in response to feedback from the Warzone 2 community, so it's entirely possible that this will be altered again in a future update.

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