A Warzone 2 expert reveals a deadly Grenade Launcher technique to terrorize lobbies

A Warzone 2 expert reveals a deadly Grenade Launcher technique to terrorize lobbies ...

In Warzone 2, Grenade Launchers can be extremely powerful tools, and CoD expert Metaphor has revealed a deadly RGL-80 technique to help you dominate matches on Al Mazrah.

In Warzone 2, there's no shortage of different weapons, all of which are suitable for different combat situations. LMGs and Sniper Rifles are ideal for avoiding enemies at a distance, while SMGs can melt teams at close range.

Sometimes you need something that is a little more powerful to help you out of a tight spot. This is where Launchers come in, capable of eliminating entire squads in just a few shots.

Metaphor, a Warzone 2 expert, has taken things a step further by showing off a devastatingly simple RGL-80 Grenade Launcher tactic that's almost unstoppable.

The YouTuber explained how easy it is to burn through enemy players by stacking many Munitions Boxes, which gives you unlimited grenades as long as you keep stocking up on the Field Upgrades.

Metaphor states that he acquired the RGL-80 from the first crate he opened, before buying more boxes and going on to "terrorize" the rest of the lobby in two quickfire shots.

Metaphor said, "All you need to do is buy a bunch of Muni Boxes and manage your inventory fairly," and you can just murder everyone. "This is actually an OP strategy in Solos."

He added that the RGL-80's ability to trigger follow-up shots is beneficial in many different situations. Like an RPG or other Launcher, the RGL-80's ability to initiate follow-up shots is significantly quicker.

"There isn't much people can do about it." "If you hit an RSB they're gonna die, if you hit a camper they're gonna die," says the other. "Anything anybody does - they're dead."

The RGL-80 is only available in battle royale matches when it is not used in DMZ building 21. There is no way to add it to your Warzone 2 loadout. However, it does feature in battle royale matches as an extremely rare piece of ground loot.

If you can get a Grenade Launcher in a game, this isn't a strategy that can be spammed in every game.

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